How to prepare for SSC? complete information

How to prepare for SSC? complete information
How to prepare for SSC? complete information

How to prepare for SSC? complete information

Students, today we will talk about SSC, how to prepare for SSC. In today's time, if you want a government job, then SSC is also the dream of students. SSC exam is held every year for the appointment of many government posts. It is the dream of many people to top SSC exam. But they do not know how to prepare for SSC. He gets scared hearing it. Now there is no need to panic because today in this post we will get information about preparing for SSC. So let's know how to prepare for SSC

Before moving forward, let us know what is SSC, the full form of SSC is Staff Service Commission. You can call SSC as an organization which works under the Government of India. The job of SSC is to recruit employees for various posts in various departments of the Government of India. Talking about SSC, it conducts many exams like SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, SSC MTS, SSC Junior Engineer Exam, SSC Sub inspector etc.

Combined Graduate Level (CGL): This exam can be given by any student after completing any graduation. This is considered to be the most popular exam in SSC. Every year there is a huge recruitment in CGL for these posts like Income Tax Inspector, Assistant Section Officer, BSF, CRPF, Central Police Organization, CBI etc.

Combined Higher Secondary Level (CHSL): If someone has passed 12th exam and wants to do government job then CHSL is perfect for them. CHSL recruits for the posts like Division Clerk and Data Entry Operator every year.

Stenography: If you are proficient in stenography stenography, then you must give this exam.

Junior Engineering: If you have completed engineering or you have a diploma, then you can work on Junior Engineer post in different departments of the government.

Central Armed Police Force (CAPF): If you dream of becoming an Inspector or Sub Inspector, then you can give this exam. After passing this exam, you will be appointed as a police employee.

Junior Hindi Translator (JHT): After passing this exam, you will get the job of translating Hindi at junior level, but for this you should also know Hindi typing.

SSC Multi Tasking Staff (MTS): As the name suggests, in this job you have to do multi task under a higher authority in the government department. You must have passed Matriculation to give this exam.

Students you can also give SSC exam after 12th which is called SSC CHSL, you can also give this exam after graduation, SSC CGL is a very popular exam because it recruits employees in many such positions where People have dreams like Officers, Assistants, Inspectors, Sub Inspectors and Junior Statistical Officers, Auditors of CAG, Central Service Secretariat, Ministry of Railways, Ministry of External Affairs, CBI, National Investigation Agency etc. You can give this exam even after graduation, there were 30 lakh applicants for SSC CGL in 2017, now you can imagine how popular this exam is, although SSC conducts other exams which we already know Huh.

How to prepare for SSC? complete information:

Now we will know how to prepare for SSC next, but you should also know from which subject questions are asked in SSC. There are some basic subjects in any exam from which questions are asked, similarly there are four such sections in SSC exam which mainly comes every time.

  • General Knowledge
  • Reasoning ability
  • Quantitative aptitude
  • English language

Now let's know how to prepare for SSC. Now I will give you some tips which will definitely work for you. If you are preparing for any SSC exam, these tips can be useful for you, so read carefully.

General Knowledge:

If you are going to give SSC exam then it is very important to have strong general knowledge. Your general knowledge is also tested in SSC exam. Now let's talk about where to read Samanya Gyan, which book should be taken for help? According to me, it would be good if you memorize every page of Lucent GK Book very well. It would be much better if you read the current affairs of the last twelve months before giving the exam. For current affairs, you can take the help of any newspaper, you can also read magazines and you can also watch news channels daily.

Reasoning ability:

Now let's talk about reasoning which is a very important part in SSC exam. Reasoning is not a very difficult thing, but practice is very important in it, if you ask me, then I will tell you that RS Aggarwal's book is very good for reasoning, I recommend you to read this book too. Read this book more than once so that you can remember the things well and also solve previous year question papers as same questions are mostly asked.

Quantitative Aptitude:

If you are good in Maths and Reasoning then it is easy for you to crack SSC exam as English is a bit complicated and GK mostly depends on luck. I would recommend you to read CAT Sharvesh Sharma's book to prepare for quantitative aptitude. Read this book completely to score good marks in this section. Most of the formulas are there in this section, so make notes together. Make a habit of doing calculations in your mind as soon as possible, this will save time.

English Language:

This section is the most complicated because many people don't have strong English, from above you don't even know whether the answer is right or wrong, it is known only after the result comes. To score good marks in this section both your Vocabulary and Grammar should be good. You should have a good hold on such topics as Word Substituion, Phrase Replacement, Idioms and Phrases, Homonyms, Foreign Words, Synonyms and Antonyms etc. Reading English newspapers and novels daily will also be of great benefit, if you want, you can also watch English TV shows. Remember, there are many Exceptional Cases in English too, pay attention to them too.

Some SSC preparation tips:-

Exam Pattern:

First of all it is important that you understand the exam pattern. From the exam pattern, you will get to know how the questions are asked. The exam pattern is different for all the exams like there is a lot of difference between the exam pattern of SSC CHSL and SSC CGL, so first of all it is important that you understand the exam pattern well. You will get the exam pattern on the internet.

Make Timetable:

Lakhs of people sit in the SSC exam every year, out of which only a few people are able to clear this exam. If you want to pass in this exam, then you have to be prepared in advance, for this, make a timetable from the beginning, study for 6-7 hours daily and keep taking breaks in between. If you focus on only one subject, then you will not have a good hold in the rest of the subjects. While making the timetable, keep in mind that you should not give too much time to only one subject. The timetable should be such that you are able to give some time to all the subjects.

Focus on weak topics:

There will be some students whose English will be weak, some students general knowledge and some students maths. Simply means to say that it is not necessary that you are proficient in every subject, so pay more attention to those subjects in which you are weak. Also do not do that you give time to only one subject in which you are weak, rather you have to study all the subjects daily, but give more time to the subject in which you are weak. Give twice as much time to the subject in which you are more weak than the rest of the subjects, this will help you to have a good hold in all the subjects. This will make your way forward

Go through the previous years papers:

Before giving any exam we must know how questions will be asked in the exam and how tough it can be. So before the exam go through at least the last five year papers thoroughly and try to understand them. Solving previous year question papers gives you an idea of ​​how the questions are asked and which questions are asked the most. In any book store you will find previous year question papers, in which solutions are also given. If you don't want to go to the bookstore, you will find many websites on the internet where previous year question papers are available, so google and download them.

Give Mock Tests:

Before giving any exam it is also important for us to know how prepared we are for that exam. If you also want to analyze yourself then mock tests are considered a very good way. In mock tests, you have to finish the paper in the exact same time as you are given in the official exam. Mock test questions are also very similar to the official exam, which also helps a lot in exam preparation. There are many applications for mock tests on the Play Store and many such websites on the Internet from where you can give SSC mock tests. can get more information

Read daily newspaper:

It is important to have knowledge of current affairs in any government exam you appear for. Current affairs are never static, they change with time, so at least the last 6 months current affairs should be with you. Make a habit of reading newspaper daily, it keeps you informed about what is happening in the country and abroad. And you can keep yourself updated with current affairs. By reading newspapers, your general knowledge will also be good, as well as you will also have knowledge of many new things.

Always be positive:

If you want to prepare for SSC exam, then you have to always be positive for it. You have to stay positive. Because whatever you see around you affects your mind and you also start thinking like others. So you have to maintain a conversation with the people who have cleared the SSC exam. This will also give you the courage to prepare and you will also get to learn a lot. On the other hand, if you keep in touch with such people who find SSC exam difficult because they are unable to pass in that exam, then it can also break your morale. You start thinking like him and you become like him.

Last word:

Students today in this post we learned how to prepare for SSC complete information in Hindi. If you are preparing for SSC exam, then definitely pay attention to the methods mentioned in this post of ours and if any of your friends are also preparing for SSC then share with them also.

You must know that every year lakhs of students give SSC exam but not everyone is successful, only the one is considered successful who has not left any gap in the preparation of the exam. If someone follows this post well then surely he can clear SSC exam. It is said that the fruit of hard work is sweet. Difficulties also come in the way, but the one who fights with the difficulties goes to the heights.

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