What is ONPASSIVE? and why is it necessary

What is ONPASSIVE? and why is it necessary

What is ONPASSIVE? and why is it necessary

There are many questions in the minds of people about onpassive, which we will try to know, although it is not possible to answer about onpassive in one article.

From this you can guess, how big a company this is. Friends, there is a saying that incomplete knowledge is very dangerous, in the same way, different types of questions are circulating in the market, you must have heard so many negative things about Onpassive but the truth is something else. Basically onpassive is an IT company. Which came in the market in 2018 and has been continuously working on its product since then. It is taking time to launch this company because they do not have one or two products but many products. And work on that is going on. This small thing Bringing the product according to the time, the demanding product will leave many companies behind in the coming time. Recruitment is also happening continuously in this company, it is giving employment to so many people, it is legal all over the world. There are millions of founders of this company, although the foundership has stopped. So many people have got employment. The CEO of this company, Mr. Ash mufareh is having 20 years experience in IT field. So let's know in detail what can be your questions and what is the answer-

How big is ONPASSIVE company

Onpassive has become a company of billions before it was launched. You can guess it after launch. How big will this company be?

Why ONPASSIVE is necessary

Talk about unemployment has increased so much in the world. In such a situation, onpassive will give employment to crores of unemployed. The company which will work for the public interest, that company will always continue to grow, for many years there are other companies like Facebook which have taken their advantage only through the user but have not given a single penny to any user. its example is

Q. Do I need a qualification to become an ofounder in onpassive?

Answer: No, no qualification is required, but yes, whichever country you belong to, you should have an understanding of your language and knowledge of writing, reading, and internet.


Answer: Onpassive is an I.T. The company is powered by latest artificial intelligence technology which provides total internet solution.

Q. Where is its office located?

Answer: Onpassive Corporate Office is located in Orlando Florida (USA), Hyderabad, India has offices where all the products are being developed. With this we have a global presence in Singapore, Dubai- Burj Khalifa, Floor 134 (UAE) and more than 212 countries.

Q. Who is the founder of ONPASSIVE?

Answer: Ash Mufareh is the founder, CEO and visionary behind Onpassive. Aish's dream project is to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor and make the world a better place.

Q. What is the creditworthiness of Ash Mufareh?

Answer: Ash Mufareh is an American family man with roots in Palestine. He loves fishing, hiking and space. Master's degree in Information Technology and E-Commerce (MIT). Ash has over 20 years of experience in the online marketing industry and is a top associate and a very successful businessman.

Q. How has investments grown for ONPASSIVE?

Answer: Onpassive is a debt free company and the entire capital is being raised by Ash Mufareh and his family by investing their savings, selling Ash's stake in their previous ventures and trading crypto.

Q. Why is it charged $97 - $149 to become a founder?

Answer: $97 - $149 is paid for marketing campaigns to build teams of founders.

Q. Who is the founder?

Answer: Founder Ash Mufareh is a partner who shares Onpassive's vision and is supporting the project in its pre-launch phases. They are part of inner circle, beta testing and marketing campaigns. They are onpassive's torch bearers.

Q. What is  Ofounders?

Answer: Ofounders is a unique founders only platform of ONPASSIVE to share innovative ideas and have common goals. It is a community to bring out the best in each founder. We are shaping the leaders of the future to carry on this mission. Each founder has individually invited presentations that are linked to attracting and bringing visionary people to become a founder on the same footing.

O-Founder: Now
Now the O-Founder website has been launched from Gofounder, here you will be able to use the website easily. That too with more products the company has launched the Ofounder website.

Q. Why are there two different costs of $97 and $149 to become a founder?

Answer: $97 is the early bird membership cost to become a founder. The price increases to $149 during the soft launch.

Q. What is Soft Launch?

Answer: Soft launch is the period in which all ONPASSIVE products including wallets are tested in real time. It also marks the beginning of marketing campaigns for the founders.

Q. What will be the Founder's subscription cost after launch?

Answer: No new installer status will be available for life after the launch of Onpassive. To support this global project and to see that visionary are essential in the founding stages.

Q. What are the products of ONPASSIVE?

Answer: of over 40-50 digital products providing total internet solution with products ranging from Domain Name, Website Builder, Liquid Hosting, VPN, Video Marketing, Email Marketing, Webinar Platform, HRM Solution, URL Shortener, Traffic, Chat Will launch together. , SEO, Social Media and many more all under one umbrella.

Q. If I am a founder, do I need to pay to use these products?

Answer: Yes. Everyone including the founders need to pay 1 month subscription cost to use the products. The product cost of subsequent months will be covered by the profits you make when people sign up under you using the traffic. The founder fee is the annual membership cost incurred in that elite club.

Q. So the founder's fee is annual?

Answer: Yes. Founders Membership is annual and you need to renew it every year, but the renewal fee will be paid by the profits you make.

Q. How much will the monthly subscription cost of the products?

Answer: All 40-50 products will be bundled in one package. The exact price is yet to be revealed as it is part of the marketing strategy. But it can be somewhere between $100-$250.

Q. What if I don't make enough money to cover my next month's subscription cost?

Answer: When you activate your first month subscription, no such product is likely to happen. The traffic brings in qualified leads to your website and in turn signup them under you and you will be paid to your wallet instantly. You need to ensure that you have sufficient balance in your wallet before withdrawal.

Q. As I am not internet techie, what? Can you tell about the 'traffic'?

Answer: Traffic means the people who visit your website. This is the essence of any online business to survive. This is similar to customers coming to your brick and mortar business. ONPASSIVE brings daily qualified targeted visitors to your website.

Q. Who are the customers of ONPASSIVE?

Answer: Everyone using the Internet will need one or more of our products. So, the potential target customer base is 4.5 billion Internet users.

Q. Will it help an existing online business?

Answer: Yes. They will need traffic to grow their business and other products that will make their lives easier. In addition, an additional residual income.

Q. What for those who have no business?

Answer: They can make onpassive as their business as they can become reseller of these IT products

Q. Why would customers prefer ONPASSIVE products?

Answer: There are many reasons:
All our products will be customer friendly, that is, simple and easy to use. People from all walks of life can use it with basic knowledge. It is more than a plug and play system. Tutorials are available in case you get stuck at any time. The products will be far better than the ones available in the market and some of them are never seen before.

Cheap and cost effective. All 40-50 digital products bundled into a single monthly package that provides absolute value for money. There is no need to purchase them from different vendors. All are available under one roof. We have designed a residual income model for everyone who comes to onpassive to use our products.

Q. What is CATMO?

Answer: The word CATMO is used to explain onpassive. C- Complete Digital Solutions (A Total Internet Solutions Company) A - Automated, Artificial Intelligence (All for You) T- Targeted Traffic to Your Business (Grows Your Business) Mo - Money. Unlimited residual income that results from CAT. onpassive is built on these four pillars which ensure total freedom (time and money).

Q. How does the residual income model work?

Answer: It is a unique, proprietary and revolutionary model which works on 3 by infinite structure. It is not a hidden fact that unlimited residual income can be built up only if we have a strong networking model.

Q. As you said it is a networking model, do I need to bring in people?

Answer: Automation and Artificial Intelligence team builds, recruits and sells for you as traffic is one of our products. It will be available only after launch. At pre-launch, the founders are building teams by sharing this opportunity with others.

Q. How do I get paid?

Answer: You get paid instantly whenever a sale happens directly to you or your team. Commissions are credited to your O-Wallet and you can withdraw at any time. (24 * 7 * 365)

Q. Will our income stop when there is strong competition in the market?

Answer: No Keeping everything in mind, it took us 2.5 years to develop our products and use the latest AI. The technology to keep us ahead for at least 3-5 years without any competition. Even if we face stiff competition in one or two products, we have another 40-50 products to help us maintain that strong market presence. We are also constantly upgrading existing products to keep us afloat. Plus, the products we're launching with are just the tip of an iceberg of what's to come. We will invest in new innovations and technologies.

Q. Won't it saturate when it reaches 4.5 billion customers?

Answer: As mentioned earlier our indemnity structure is unique, proprietary and revolutionary. We have all base with triple entry bonus. Everyone who is in this system, after reaching a certain level a new 3 ID's will be created for them as a bonus and will drop to the bottom in the date upon reaching that level. From there the cycle repeats again and it will be a never ending process


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